Sunday, May 18, 2014

"The American Whiskeys of Diageo," this Tuesday Night at Fountainhead

Another week, another Fountainhead School of Spirits session. And this is where the difference between an independent and producer-sponsored tasting really kicks in, because it's well known that Diageo and I have our issues.

There's nothing wrong with their whiskeys, however, and Tuesday we'll taste an interesting range of them. Plus I'll tell you a few things that Diageo would rather I didn't.

TITLE: North American Whiskey 102: The American Whiskeys of Diageo

TASTING: 1. George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whiskey 2. Bulleit Bourbon 3. Bulleit Rye 4. Crown Royal Black Canadian Whiskey

DESCRIPTION: Diageo, the world’s largest drinks company, has a limited presence in American whiskey. It owns the George Dickel Distillery in Tennessee but its Bulleit whiskeys are contract- produced. Its biggest American whiskey is from north of the border, but has bourbon as an ingredient. This course offers a rich taste of American whiskey geography, moving from Tennessee whiskey to Kentucky bourbon and Indiana rye, and ending in Gimli, Manitoba, with the best-selling Canadian blended whisky.

Classes start at 7:00 PM and wrap up about 8:30 PM. Fountainhead is at 1970 Montrose Ave on Chicago's North Side. It's a bar and restaurant. We have a private room for the classes. Don't take the word 'classes' too seriously. It's a small group (about 20-25 people) and very informal. They have very good food at Fountainhead so don't worry about having dinner first. Click here for tickets.


Justin Victor said...

Chuck, you should set up a webcam and allow out of towners a chance to "buy a ticket". I would love to hear what Diageo doesn't want us to know. Otherwise, maybe this fountainhead presentation would make interesting "Reader" fodder.

My self imposed "soft" boycott of all things Diageo hit a snag as I have recently discovered the wonders coming out of Tullahoma. The Dickel 12 is a great whisky. And it doesn't hurt that it is incredibly affordable.

Harry said...

I sure hope you and your attendees will share what you learn at the session. Like Justin, I am torn - Diageo's reluctance to share info that only geeks and obsessives (yeah, like me) care about drives me nuts, but they do produce some whiskies I like at the price.

Regards, Harry

Chuck Cowdery said...

If you follow this blog and receive The Bourbon Country Reader, you've read everything I'm going to tell the class.

Harry said...

I do and I do so I'm envious of those close enough to Chicago to attend. So, I'll continue to peruse the blog archives & thumb through my old BCRs. Judging from the blog posts from 2007-9 which I've read so far tonight, you have some kind of "fun" history with Diageo.