Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is America Running Out of Oak Trees?

You know those TV news teasers that go like this: "Something you could be eating right now might kill you. Details at Eleven." Don't you hate those?

Well, this is like that. During the recent fight about Tennessee whiskey standards, the barrel shortage was frequently mentioned. Is it real? If it is, how bad is it, what’s causing it, and how long will it last? If you want to know the truth about America's whiskey barrel crisis, you'll just have to subscribe to The Bourbon Country Reader. It's all in the new issue (Volume 16, Number 1) which is in the mail right now.

The truth is, I'm doing you a favor. Because if you're a fan of American whiskey, macro or micro (and why else would you be reading this blog?), you should have subscribed to The Bourbon Country Reader a long time ago. It's your best source for original reporting and informed commentary you won't find anyplace else. Also in this issue, we look at the weird, new world of whiskey advertising on TV.

Happily, a subscription to The Bourbon Country Reader is still just $20 per year (six issues) for addresses in the USA, $25 for everyone else. The Bourbon Country Reader is always independent and idiosyncratic and has no distillery affiliation. It is published six times a year, or thereabouts.

Click here to subscribe with PayPal or any major credit card, or for more information. Click here for a free sample issue (in PDF format). Click here to open or download the free PDF document, "The Bourbon Country Reader Issue Contents in Chronological Order." (It's like an index.)

If you prefer to pay by check, make it payable to Made and Bottled in Kentucky, and mail it to Made and Bottled in Kentucky, 3712 N. Broadway, PMB 298, Chicago, IL 60613-4198. Checks drawn on U.S. banks only, please.


Mark from Montana said...

Chuck, I sure enjoy your blog. And here it goes...But, danged if I can get over the "Made and Bottled in Kentucky" going to Chi-frickin-cago.

Chuck Cowdery said...

My heart is in Kentucky.

Dana said...

I want a +1 option for your comment!

Vaughn said...

Does the Reader subscription make it available by download as well?

Chuck Cowdery said...

Sorry, dead trees only.