Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fountainhead School of Spirits Off to a Great Start

The first Fountainhead School of Spirits class, this past Tuesday, was a big success. We had a full house, too full in fact. We've already decided to sell fewer tickets from now on, to make it a little more comfortable for everyone, including the teacher.

Fountainhead is going above and beyond to make your classroom experience a great one. They already have a dedicated space for us but since we're in the middle of a working bar and restaurant, Fountainhead is hanging heavy curtains in the doorways and in the bar pass-through to cut down on some of the noise. I have a loud voice, but you don't want your teacher yelling at you. You probably had enough of that in middle school.

Fountainhead provides complimentary snacks and you're welcome to order off the menu if you want more. Recognizing that some people will come directly from work and won't have had a chance to get dinner first, you're welcome to eat during class (although table space is tight) or they will reserve a table for you so you can sit down for dinner immediately after class ends, at about 8:30 PM. Fountainhead has great food.

Tickets are selling briskly for the next class, this coming Tuesday, February 18. Here is the direct link to the place to buy tickets. For more information about this and future classes, go here. Fountainhead is located at 1970 W. Montrose Ave, at the corner of Montrose and Damen. Street parking usually is available, it's a short walk from the Brown Line L station, and both Damen and Montrose are served by CTA buses.

Our theme for Tuesday's class is the whiskeys of Heaven Hill. We'll taste Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon Whiskey (current year), Larceny Bourbon Whiskey, Rittenhouse Rye BIB, and Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey.

Since this is the first of our distillery-themed classes, it's worth pointing out that it is not being taught by a distillery representative. Part of what you're paying for is a knowledgeable and independent authority, not a marketing presentation from the producer.

Although we're serious about serving up some knowledge, we're serious about having fun too. The class is informal and, considering the tight quarters, you'll probably make a few new friends.

Hope to see you there.

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