Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whoops, Wrong Architect (and Other Angel's Envy News)

Yesterday's post about Angel's Envy contains an error that seems to merit a new post so you can compare the two designs. The Luckett & Farley design pictured yesterday, which the architects like well enough to post to their web site, is not the one selected by Angel's Envy/Louisville Distilling for their new distillery and 'brand experience center,' according to a company press release issued today. The winner, from Joseph & Joseph, is pictured above.

In the press release (marking today's official 'groundbreaking' announcement) Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson noted, “I feel blessed to do what I truly love to do. It is a dream come true to have my own distillery on Main Street in downtown Louisville."

Wes Henderson, son of Lincoln Henderson and Chief Operating Officer added, “We are constructing a fully functioning distillery, from milling of grains to blending and bottling on site. The Angel’s Envy distillery will be a must-see experience on the Urban Bourbon Trail.”

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer also participated in the groundbreaking. Under Governor Beshear, Kentucky's whiskey makers have received unprecedented support and encouragement. Under Mayor Fischer, Louisville has been making a major effort to become the true 'gateway to bourbon country.' Several other whiskey-related attractions are either underway or in the planning stages for Louisville.

At today's event, Angel's Envy also announced that Louisville-based private equity firm Blue Equity, LLC has made a significant investment in the company. Blue Equity, LLC Chairman and Managing Director Jonathan Blue said, “We are very pleased to have joined the investment group at Angel’s Envy. In just a few years, Angel’s Envy has been recognized as one of the best bourbons on the market. With the launch of the new distillery and brand experience center, the future looks even brighter for this incredible brand.”

Although the Henderson family is its public face, the company's president is Mark Bushala, a Chicago-based real estate and entertainment entrepreneur. The investment group includes the Hendersons as well as a web of interconnected companies.

At present, Angel's Envy has three products. The original is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, distilled and aged by an undisclosed Kentucky distillery, then finished in port casks by Angel's Envy. Technically it's not bourbon, but 'straight bourbon with.' The second product is a barrel proof version of the original. The third product is a 'straight rye with,' distilled and aged at MGP of Indiana, and finished in rum casks.

It will be many years before Angel's Envy brings any of its own distillate to market, but it's something to look forward to. The site couldn't be better from a marketing and tourism standpoint. It's at the corner of East Main Street and Jackson Street, right across Main from Louisville Slugger Field, home of Louisville's minor league baseball team. The building is highly visible from the main approach to the I-65 bridge across the Ohio River into Indiana. Its billboard value alone is huge.

Originally a manufacturing facility for toolmaker Vermont American, the complex of buildings continued to be a local landmark as the home of Baer Fabrics. It has been vacant for several years and about half of it was demolished last year to make room for the approaches to a new I-65 bridge.

Although Angel's Envy still has a lot of work to do, one project that won't delay them is environmental cleanup. That has mostly been completed, according to Wes Henderson, paid for by Vermont American.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Chuck. This was a big day for us, but there is so much more work to do before we distill a single drop in this new facility. Blessed to have so much positive support.



sam k said...

A much better look, in my opinion.

Louisville really is on the cusp right now, isn't it?