Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Capital Cellars Welcomes Charles Cowdery; Saturday, April 28, 4 - 6 PM.

Please join me for "American Whiskey 101 with Charles Cowdery" at Capital Cellars, 227 W. Broadway, Frankfort, Kentucky, on Saturday, April 28, from 4 to 6 PM.

This class is an introduction to bourbon and other American whiskeys. You’ll learn what whiskey is, how it compares to other distilled spirits, and how American whiskey compares to other world whiskeys, such as scotch, Canadian, and Irish. Production methods, recipes, tasting techniques, and history are all covered.

Four whiskeys (Class Theme: "All Bourbon, All 100 proof and Above") will be tasted and discussed. The class will be informal and student participation is encouraged.

Cost is $30 ($25 for Cru Club Members).

Contact Rachael Peake, 502-352-2600, for more information.

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