Friday, May 28, 2010

Visit Louisville Without Leaving Home.

In addition to being a big fan of Kentucky-made whiskey, I'm fond of Kentucky itself as a place to visit. Some of the best parts are the parks and other natural areas, which are great for hiking, camping, canoing, bike-riding and so forth.

The flip side of that is Louisville, a small (relative to, say, Chicago) city with a lot to see and do. One nice thing about Louisville (again, relative to Chicago) is that it is inexpensive. Everything--from hotel rooms, to restaurant meals, to parking--is a bargain.

The Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau does a good job of promoting all that the Louisville area has to offer. This summer they're taking their show on the road to nearby states, which would be Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee.

It's called the Takin' it to the Streets Tour and may be coming to a mall near you. Go here for the schedule.

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