Friday, May 8, 2009

Red Stag Sighted in Ohio.

Red Stag by Jim Beam is a new product, Jim Beam Bourbon infused with natural black cherry. I told you about it here when I first tasted a sample.

We were told then that it would debut at retail in June. Well, guess what? It’s on the shelves now, at the Kroger’s in the Johnny Appleseed Shopping Center in Mansfield, Ohio, at least. (That’s my home town.) I just saw it there.

What’s more, to promote Red Stag, regular bottles of Jim Beam white label have a 50ml bottle attached to the neck, at no extra charge.

There is also now a Red Stag by Jim Beam web site, which is here.

As I’ve said before, I have mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, I think there’s a danger of confusing the bourbon/American whiskey category, about which there is already no lack of confusion. On the other hand, the stuff tastes good, and what else really matters?

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uss225 said...

I do not feel that Red Stag deserves even one star. It's cherry flavor is much too sweet and syrupy on the tongue. Reminiscent of not a "bottom shelf" whiskey, but a "bottom shelf" cough syrup. My guess is that it is intended for the demographic that has finally tired of Zima.