Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kass on Tuesday's Debate.

If you don't want to read the background, just the column, go here.

The background is that John Kass is a columnist in the Chicago Tribune. He is a self-identified conservative, but his columns are always well-reasoned, well-informed and intellectually honest, which is all I ask of any commentator. In July he wrote a column that impressed me so much, I promised to alert the readers of this space whenever he produced another one on the same subject, as he did today.

As the McCain-Palin campaign once again tries to beat the dead horse that is the supposed Bill Ayers connection, Kass shows them the way to score some real points. No one explains The Chicago Way better than Kass. What Kass doesn't get is that his story is a bit too subtle for knuckle-draggers, who are all the McCain-Palin ticket has left.

I wrote my own commentary about Obama and the Chicago Machine, which is here. By the way, if it isn't obvious, I support the Obama-Biden ticket. My answer to Kass comes from my Christian friends, who strive to be in the world but not of it. So, yes, I believe Barack Obama has been exposed to the Chicago Machine but has not been compromised by it.

Even at that, if one is uncomfortable with Obama-Biden, that alone shouldn't be a reason to vote for McCain-Palin, who scare me and would scare me more if I believed they have any chance of winning. If you can't vote for Obama-Biden, may I suggest Barr-Root.

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Frank said...

I like that you inject your personal views into the blog at times. It makes it an interesting read because, as far as I know, you're a lawyer, and having an intelligent and level-headed point of view on topics other than bourbon on this blog is reason enough to keep coming back (though the bourbon is reason enough for me!).

In recent years I've realized that I would like our federal government doing much less than they are now, and I come from a hard working family background, so I don't mind working for what I get vs. feeling entitled to this or that. I supported Dr. Ron Paul and was very disappointed when he dropped out of the race, but he ran as libertarian in 1988 and said he would never do that again, probably just can't get enough support that way. In the wake of our country's financial collapse, he's getting a ton more press now though, because he's been saying the same thing for 30 years and no one has listened. I think it's time we listen to the only guy who seems to want to protect our rights and take government out of our lives without promising socialistic entitlements that we were never supposed to have, but that's just my $0.02. He's definitely not for everyone but he's one of the only politicians I can listen to without feeling ill. This year's presidential debates were just a shameful mockery (Joe the Plumber, anyone?).